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and manual download. What can I do? empty_: that's a software. It's written on the file It should be 32bit and on the site are 64 bits that's just the build number you got from linux-firmware ok is it important? That one It's a 32bits programm If it's a 64bit programm should be 64bit that's a software probably a graphics driver in this case, i'm not really sure, but it should be in the ubuntu repositories already. ty np, welcome bye empty_: also please not support through PM, there are plenty of channels for that My laptop had gone into power saving mode after some battery life so I restarted it and now when I try to enter my password on the screen with the dots that appear I get a "Failed to start session." And it is not listed on the list of profiles in my settings. What should I do? jmburgess: do you have light-locker installed and enabled? I do not think so if so it may have caused your (trying to have) session to be "locked" if you don't use such "locked" sessions, i'd disable it. I will do that and reboot afterwards brb Have an issue with my keyboard. After reboot the keyboard is only working for the login screen. No other activity.




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AutoCAD LT 2013 Crack File Only 64 Bit jordquie

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